Top 4 Mistakes Sellers Should Avoid during an Open House

The open house is an opportunity for you to show why buyers should choose your property over other homes for sale in the South Tampa area. It is normal for sellers to really prep up for this big day. If you want to increase your chances of getting your home sold, you should know what things to avoid during an open house. Read on for some common open house mistakes that you shouldn't commit.

These are 4 important things seller should know when having a South Tampa FL open house.

1. Leaving a mess

One of the biggest mistakes that a seller can make is showing messy, dirty homes to potential buyers. If you want your luxury homes for sale in South Tampa to get that sold sign, you should not leave any mess anywhere and clean up all evidence of your home's residents. Don't assume that buyers would overlook your clutter. Make your home neat and presentable on the big day.

2. Complicate buyer's access to the property

Your goal in the open house is to grant buyers relatively free access to view your home and help them envision themselves as the next owners. Do not jeopardize your chances by blocking buyers from a room, closet, unless it is an issue of safety. Make sure to also align your open house schedule with open house hours in your area to ensure that a bigger pool of buyers could attend.

3. Forgetting the outside

Keep in mind that potential buyers have critical eyes. They will check and scrutinize every area of your house including the outside. If you want your property to stand out from other South Tampa waterfront homes for sale, pay attention to your home's exterior. Take the time to make your driveway look nice. Clean the roof and the windows. Trim the shrubs and put some flowers out there.

4. Neglecting the neighbors

Your neighbors can play a big part during the open house because conventional real estate wisdom says they can turn into seller clients. It is also important to inform your neighbors about the schedule so they will not be caught off guard by the open-house traffic. This will also give your neighbors the opportunity to reschedule other activities that can have a negative impact on the effectiveness of your open house.

Potential buyers judge a home within minutes of steeping into it, that's why it is important to show your home in its best condition. Avoiding these common mistakes can also elevate your chances of getting your home sold in no time.

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