By Mary Diaz

Ways to Make a Great First Impression to Buyers of South Tampa Homes

When it comes to selling your home, always remember that first impression matters. Do not think that because your home is listed and has a "for sale" sign planted in the front lawn it will automatically attract buyers. With many homes for sale in South Tampa area, you have to make sure that your property is more appealing. Read on to find out how you can make a positive first impression with buyers.

Impress your South Tampa waterfront homebuyers with these great tips!

1. Make your exterior enticing

If you want to create a positive first impression with buyers, make sure that the walk-up to your South Tampa home for sale is inviting. Maintain your lawn by regularly mowing and tidying up your front landscaping. Remove all toys, bicycles, and scooters from the front of the house. You may also give your front door, garage door, and gutters a fresh coat of paint. Ensure that your address numbers are visible, in place, and polished. Spruce up your exterior by adding a few embellishments like an attractive welcome mat, a wreath for the door, and potted plants to the side of your front door.

2. Make the bathrooms look pristine

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms that a buyer will want to see. Do not be contented with cleaning it at least once a month. Make sure to devote plenty of resources toward cleaning this space to make it look immaculate to home buyers. Check the bathroom basins, countertops, and mirrors for streaks and smudges. Scrub the toilet to ensure that it is sparkling clean when the visitors arrive, you may also use candles, bath soaps, and other appropriate decorations to further highlight the quality of your bathroom.

3. Make necessary repairs

If you want buyers to fall in love with your luxury home for sale in South Tampa, repair anything that needs to be fixed. Make sure cabinet doors close properly and all faucets should be drip-free. Make buyers see that their potential home is clean, attractive and problem free. Repair anything that is chipped, peeling or cracked, including garage doors, fences, gutters, sidewalks and more. Sand, patch and repaint as needed.

4. Depersonalize

Help your buyers see themselves coming home to your house everyday. This can be done by removing anything that could act as a barrier to their imagination. You may also consider moving your car so that the buyers can envision their own car in the drive. Remove family pictures and other personal items. Keep the style of your home neutral, fresh, and clean.

Taking time to create a great first impression sometimes is all it takes to quickly send an offer your way. Follow these tips and see your home get sold in no time.

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Mary Diaz
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